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The Complete Solution to your Oil Water Chemical or Hazardous Waste Disposal requirements

Contaminated Soil Disposal & Remediation

MTB Midlands provide contaminated soil disposal and remediation services, removing any hazardous substances from the land.

Contaminated Soil Disposal & Remediation

MTB provide a full service for all your contaminated soil disposal projects. We are able to arrange for the initial site survey and then for the results to be analyzed.

Once the results have been assessed an accurate scope of works can be planned. This would determine whether or not the Soil could be treated in situ. Otherwise the soil would need to be removed for off site remediation. In the worst case scenario disposal routes could be sourced.

Whatever the outcome MTB are able to complete all your soil remediation requirements. Get in touch today

For more information, call us on 0121 559 4441.

What is soil contamination?

Soil contamination is when a hazardous material, either solid or liquid, has mixed with the natural soil. This can usually cause the hazardous substance to chemically attach to the soil particles, or get trapped within the spaces between the soil.

Contaminated soil can harm plant and animal life if not treated. Hazardous substances can affect plants from the roots whilst animals can be harmed through either inhalation or ingestion of the substance. Contamination can also become airborne once attached to soil particles, so any contaminated soil should be treated or disposed of urgently.

MTB Midlands, provide a solution whereby the contaminated soil is excavated and treated or left in place, contained and treated accordingly, dependant on the level of soil contamination.