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Industrial Waste Disposal & Hazardous Waste Cleaning Solutions

MTB Midlands provide industrial waste disposal and hazardous waste cleaning services. Based in Birmingham, we provide industrial waste solutions, such as tank cleaning, incineration, water treatment and more.

During MTB’s continued development since incorporation in 1998, MTB has become one of the fastest growing industrial waste disposal, cleaning and hazardous waste management companies in the UK.

Specialising in the management of all different types of Hazardous Waste Chemicals, from a range of industrial, commercial, public and private sectors. Providing bespoke industrial waste services, such as Oil & Water Treatment, Tank & Oil Tank Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning & High Pressure Jetting, Drummed & Packaged Hazardous Waste Disposal, Contaminated Soil Disposal & Remediation, Hazardous Skips, Laboratory Chemical Disposal, Incineration and 24/7 Emergency Response.

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Our Successes in Waste Disposal & Cleaning

In 2007 MTB managed the Disposal and Recycling of Waste materials removed from the Napoli shipwreck on the south coast of England, which contained 41,773 tonnes of cargo. Other achievements include but are not limited to 3 major soil remediation projects totalling over 6,000 Tonnes removed, Recycled and Recovered. MTB have also been involved in several large salvage operations where large quantities of Hazardous Waste has been Recovered, Recycled and Disposed of.

MTB are registered with the Environment Agency, Permitted, ISO 14001 Registered, a Member of the Oil Recycling Association and fully insured to undertake all aspects of Waste Management.

Industrial Waste Disposal Services