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The Complete Solution to your Oil Water Chemical or Hazardous Waste Disposal requirements

Oil Drum Disposal

We provide drummed waste disposal services including recycling solutions for used drums and packaging.

Drummed & Packaged Waste DisposalMTB provide a complete service for Drummed & Packaged Hazardous Waste Disposal. From the initial Waste survey, pre-acceptance Waste sampling for process Wastes, including re-packaging and re-drumming if required, to routing Hazardous Waste materials for authorised Disposal.

As an additional service MTB can also supply a range of replacement containers, Drum, IBC’s and Waste safes for ongoing┬áHazardous Waste requirements.

If you require oil drum or packaged waste disposal services get in touch today or call us on 0121 559 4441.

What happens to oil drums after disposal?

We provide oil drum and packaged waste disposal services across the UK for a wide range of industries, so we need to make sure they are handled carefully for processing. By ensuring the drums are as clean as possible, we then pass on the oil drums and packaging on for recycling, whether it’s for re-use or reclamation of materials.